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Alex Jones’ text messages point to depressing home life

The private text messages of Alex Jones’ have been published to the general public from the Southern Poverty Law Center, stemming from his attorney accidentally sending the complete contents of his phone in the summer of 2021 to the opposing attorney representing families of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Thousands of text messages have been published, and Jones’ reputation as a conservative, family man has been challenged by his own words. His contentious relationship with his wife is definitely a recurring theme of the text messages, including having her followed by private investigators. Jones also had his ex-wife followed by investigators.

Ironically enough, while Jones was having his wife followed by private investigators, he was having an affair with a married woman. The released text messages also detail sexual requests from Jones to his married mistress.

In the text messages, Jones is very transparent about his depressing home life, and the Jan. 6 insurrection did not fix that situation. During that time, he texted his father and said that he lives in a “black hole.”

Jones has been found financially liable for broadcasting lies and conspiracy theories for the Sandy Hook shootings.

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