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Beamtree secures contract to build Health Roundtable’s data platform

ASX-listed healthcare data insights company Beamtree has been commissioned to build a data analytics platform for a group of hospitals across Australia and New Zealand. 

It has recently signed a A$1 million contract with Health Roundtable, a not-for-profit organisation that provides data analytics and collaborative knowledge-sharing activities to hospitals in the region.

Health Roundtable started in 1995 as a knowledge-sharing collective of clinicians and hospital administrators. With a network of 90 health services and 177 hospitals, the organisation facilitates the sharing of insights from benchmarked data, best practices and new ideas, service improvement and innovation activities, and community collaborations. 

Based on their revised contract agreements, the contract will be for a fixed term period of until July 2031, removing the option to terminate the contract in July 2026.


In a media release, Tobi Wilson, president of Health Roundtable, mentioned that they have been looking for ways to improve the quality of service to their members. Their data platform contract signifies its effort to take “every digital advantage to ensure best possible delivery of timely insight and intelligence for members.”

Once completed, the data platform is expected to enable the delivery of “superior” analytical services, including predictive data analytics and alerts and a contemporary data platform that provides enhanced data security, improved processing and digital experience.


Last year, Beamtree also secured major contracts to deploy and distribute its decision support technology globally. In December, it signed a global deal with Abbott to distribute its RippleDown products, which automate clinical decision-making and pathology administrative processes. The company was tapped by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to roll out its data and decision support offerings to over 450 public and private hospitals. It also landed its first NHS contracts with four hospital trusts in England and entered into a $1.4 million deal with Ampath to deploy RippleDown across pathology services in South Africa.

According to Beamtree, its latest contract with Health Roundtable is its biggest to date, equivalent to approximately a third of its total revenue and the key component of its Analytics and Knowledge Networks activities.

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