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Hometoday united state newsBJP working overtime to create sectarian and economic divide among Muslims

BJP working overtime to create sectarian and economic divide among Muslims

Hyderabad: It is not only the communal polarization of the society, the BJP is promoting in the country for its political agenda, but it is also working overtime to divide the Muslim community on sectarian and economic grounds. The party is targeting the Muslim organizations to weaken them.

The BJP is using outfits like Muslim Rashtriya Manch and some other so-called turban-clad, bearded Muslims connected with RSS and its allies to furthering its anti-Muslim agenda.

In North India, the BJP is creating dissensions among the Muslims ranks in the name of castes like Shaikh, Syed, Pathan, Ansari, Qureshi etc and in the name of the economically Pasmanda (Backward) and forward Muslims. But unlike, in the North, there is no casteism among Muslims in South India, hence Sectarian (Maslak) differences like Shia, Sunni, Deobandi, Barelvi, Sufi and Salafi are being exploited to sow the seed of discord among the Muslim community as a whole.

The epicenter of divide Muslim conspiracy is in North India. But there are some so-called Muslims in South India who are goaded to level baseless allegations against some Muslim organizations to provide an opportunity for the BJP led center Government to ban them.

The Sectarian differences are creating serious problems for the Muslim youths in Telangana. The Telangana State Police is targeting the youths, particularly from the districts alleging that they are part of the activities of the Popular Front of India (PFI).

It is ironic that though the PFI is not a banned organization nor the Central Government had ever announced it to be a banned organization but still anyone is being harassed for being a member of this organization.

There is a concerted effort to prod some so-called Muslims to issue statements from time to time seeking the ban of PFI. Thus, the Telangana Police is unnecessarily harassing the Muslim youths in Telangana Districts ostensibly to keep a vigil on them.

It is a fact that the BJP is desperate to create communal strife in hitherto peaceful Telangana society through its communal agenda to come to power.

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