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California rains a wake-up call to climate upheaval to come

To the editor: With the recent weather disasters, I have been concerned for those living in California and was shocked to learn that at least 19 people have died because of the recent storms.

I was especially moved by the photo of a firefighter rescuing somebody’s beloved animal companion.

Now, if only more people would connect the Earth’s worsening climate to the warming gasses released by animal agriculture, so many more lives would be saved, both human and animal.

Carole Hamlin, Baltimore


To the editor: Snow in the Sierra Nevada is good news, but it’s only part of the story. We need to remember that much of our water comes from the Colorado River, which is still at historic lows.

The drought is far from over, and we need sustainable answers to our chronic water shortage in Southern California.

Michael Benjamin, Woodland Hills


To the editor: We needed rain. We prayed for rain. We got rain.

Kim Righetti, Upland

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