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Education and politics: It’s complicated

Re: “New polling of WA shows what really divides us” [Sept. 3, Local News]:

In his column, Danny Westneat writes that political scientist Ruy Teixeira says the “diploma divide is the main force fundamentally re-sorting the political parties. Democrats are shedding noncollege voters in droves — he says because the party has become too ‘woke’ and politically correct. It’s morphing into the house of the educational elite.”

Democrats want to make education more attainable by helping with college debt — that’s elitist?

Teixeira is quoted as saying, “[College grad] voters are less sensitive to economic problems and more likely to be moved by a social issue like abortion rights.”

As a climate activist, I am extremely sensitive to economic problems. However, the situation is complicated. Global corporations continue to funnel wealth to the wealthy. Educated Democrats know we’re experiencing the highest income inequality in our history. To say that “the GOP was for decades the party of white people, big business and the rich” implies that it isn’t still.

Instead of We-Know-Better-Than-You, I see and hear the message that the road ahead is tough. Let’s come together to help each other. I am driving my electric car and appreciative of my college degree. I’m clinging to neither.

Andrea O’Ferrall, Seattle

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