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‘Empathy is running low’ for Prince Harry

Prince Harry blasted for treating his war with the Royal Family as special since it’s the “commonest dramas of human nature.”

Writer Peggy Drexler issued this claim in her newly released op-ed piece for the CNN.

She warns, “Where Harry may have once engendered some sympathy for having endured a lifetime of being the “spare” — the lesser of the two brothers, now fifth in line for the throne (coming in behind his 7-year-old niece, Princess Charlotte) — empathy is running short.”

“Harry and Meghan quit the royal family amid complaints that they preferred a private life as “regular people,” no longer wanting the media attention that came with being royals, including being tabloid fodder. In an excerpt from an upcoming interview, Harry told ITV: ‘I want a family. Not an institution’.”

“And yet here they are, fully and willingly creating that fodder themselves. And fodder it is.”

The writer also added, “Competition between children is common, and sibling rivalry between brothers even more so, especially when there are just two of them.”

While “Most aren’t born into families with set hierarchies that serve to remind them of their exact place. But brotherly discord has existed throughout time, inspiring countless works of art in all spheres (most of them tragedies). Harry is not special — his is one of the commonest dramas of human nature.”

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