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Genelia D’souza reveals reason behind her hiatus

Genelia D’souza opens up about her hiatus 

Genelia D’souza is coming back to the big screen after a hiatus of ten years. She is going to make her comeback through Marathi cinema. She is thrilled about her comeback, and she revealed the reason behind her break.

Talking about her upcoming film with Hindustan Times, she said, “The feedback to the film has been really encouraging, and really amazing. I am really thrilled about it because when you take a 10 year break, and come back, there are always these moments where you think, do you really matter on screen or will you really do what you’re supposed to do on screen.”

She further added, “When it is appreciated, it is a great feeling. To add to the success of the film (at the box office), it is a sweet and amazing feeling. I am enjoying it till it lasts. And it will be time to move on. I know for a fact that it’s going to be temporary. Now, when it is going on, I am really thrilled about the journey of Ved”.

Talking about her break, she said, “I stepped back because I wanted to do it for myself. I wanted to start a family. I didn’t feel confident enough of doing all these various things that I did and be part of films at the same time”.

She added, “It was a decision which I took, and I enjoyed it. I totally respect the decision that I took. Today, I feel after playing the role of a homemaker, wife and a mom in real life, they have shaped up my personality. I also have a production house, music company and another venture. These aspects developed only because I had the time to think about it, and that I could do something else other than acting.”

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