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Hugh Jackman talks ‘The Son’ and ‘added anxiety’: ‘I was vulnerable’

Hugh Jackman talks ‘The Son’ and ‘added anxiety’: ‘I was vulnerable’

Hugh Jackman weighs in on feeling ‘extremely anxious’ while filming The Son.

The actor broke it all down while speaking to the Hollywood Star.

There, he dished over his experience playing a lawyer with a teenage son that’s battling depression.

Jackman recounted it all by admitting, “I certainly realised how vulnerable I was.”

Especially in light of his return to work after years of extensive Covid-19 protocols.

All of this attributed towards his own struggle with anxiety by the end of the shoot itself.

For those unversed, Jackman has been battling sleepless nights because of the grief of his father’s death who passed away in September of 2021.

At the time Jackman also expressed his worries and told BBC, “My father actually never missed a day of work in his life. I did imagine what my father would say and he would say, ‘Go to work’.”

“There’s a little part of the old school part of my brain [that thinks], ‘Well, that’s up to you to work out.’ If you need to go to a doctor, for whatever reason, your foot, your mental health, you know, you work that out.”

“But I think it certainly would be a sign from an employer that we understand taking care of the whole person, not just paying them, but taking care of their wellbeing in all forms is really, really important.”

At the time, he addressed the importance of speaking out and claimed, “There is a real lack of knowledge and ignorance and shame around the subject and I think it’s something we need to confront, really, really quickly.”

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