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JNU teachers raise concern over CUET-based admissions, its effect on varsity’s autonomy

In a press conference, JNU teachers association (JNUTA) representatives alleged that CUET based system is creating insurmountable losses in the field of teaching and learning for current and future generations, besides causing irreparable harm to democratic and participative governance in the university.

The JNUTA teachers spoke about the extremely adverse impact of the CUET-based system of admissions on JNU’s educational programmes.

“The existence of the CUET has ensured that no decision about admissions can be taken within the university anymore, thus effectively undoing of Parliament,” JNUTA said.

The teachers also said the test also “eviscerate the university acts”.

“With unsynchronised semesters, students in two intersecting semesters cannot opt for the entire range of courses being offered in the university at the time! For programmes whose curriculum or syllabi crucially relies on the cross-listing of courses, this has proved disastrous,” the JNUTA added.

Speaking at press conference, Professor Ayesha Kidwai said JNU is a university that caters to poor students — about half of our students are from rural India, hailing from families with incomes less than Rs 12,000 a month, and are women.

“The delay in admissions in universities participating in the CUET has effectively caused a break in these students’ education. For those students amongst these who would be relying on university fellowships to sustain themselves and their families, the lack of admissions may, in all likelihood, push them out of the education system altogether. With one stroke, the youth dividend, we often taken pride in, goes to waste,” Kidwai said.

“The primary reason why JNU finds itself in such a disastrous situation is the complete collapse of JNU’s statutory bodies, mainly due to the previous administration,” she added.

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