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Leaf blowers: Why wait? | The Seattle Times

Re: “Seattle City Council approves plan to ban gas-powered leaf blowers” [Sept. 8, Local News]:

Hurray for Seattle City Councilmember Alex Pedersen and the City Council for doing the correct thing and banning gas leaf blowers.

I have been fuming for years as I watch users blow debris onto city streets, polluting our air and destroying tranquillity. It seems quite clear to me that these long, loud sessions are an exhibition designed to impress property owners that they’re getting their money’s worth.

But why must we wait until 2025 for city departments and contractors, and until 2027 for businesses and residents? And shouldn’t we be looking at reasonable maximum decibel levels for electric blowers? Some that I have heard are still too loud for comfort.

We will need serious enforcement and punitive fines in order to effectively end the use of leaf blowers.

Alan Murray, Seattle

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