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Prince Harry considers King Charles ‘dud as a father’

Prince Harry has just come under fire for transforming his father into a ‘dud Dad and provider of comic relief’ in the memoir.

Royal author and commentator Daniela Elser made this admission.

She shed light on it all, in a new piece for the New Zealand Herald.

She started the converastion off by bashing Prince Harry for reducing Kate Middleton, Prince William and even his father to two dimensional characters.

Per Ms Elser, while The Princess of Wales is seen as “not particularly welcoming to Meghan, ‘grimacing’ after being asked to lend the former actress her lip gloss, throwing a wobbly over bridesmaid dresses, and taking umbrage after the former actress suggested she had ‘baby brain’.”

While his brother, “comes across as hectoring and insecure, King Charles is seen as “both a dud Dad and provider of comic relief, doing his daily handstands and carting his childhood teddy around the country like some parody of a character from Brideshead Revisited.”

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