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Prince Harry ‘knows a life that only few could imagine’

Royal experts have just warned against hailing Prince Harry as a role model because he’s only ‘airing dirty laundry.

A Prageru personality, CJ Pearson, penned these thoughts in an opinion piece.

The piece in question has been shared to Newsweek and talks about Prince Harry’s status as a role model for men around the world.

He believes, “My generation of young men deserves better role models than Prince Harry—regardless of how hard the media tries to make him one.”

“Born into a life of incomparable privilege and reared in the gilded halls of Kensington Palace, Prince Harry knows a life that few could even begin to imagine. But the Duke of Sussex renounced it all, purportedly in the name of love, and in doing so, he also denounced his country, scoffed at tradition, and estranged his family.”

“Yet somehow, this makes him a role model in the eyes of the media,” the writer pointed out.

Before concluding the author also added, “While Prince Harry may be the media’s darling, he is no role model for my generation. Or rather, we deserve better role models than Prince Harry.”

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