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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘report’ in Netflix is ‘pure pathetic fiction’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix series was recently slammed by a popular YouTube star after the couple included the content creator’s footage in their series.

During a recent YouTube session, Shallon Lester criticized the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s outrageous claims.

”Never have I made any shred of content from an account other than my own, or encouraged anyone to make any content targeting them. If I did, where? YouTube? Show me. How did I influence millions to harass Meghan and Harry and no one can find one shred of evidence?” she said.

“As per usual, nothing these two say makes sense. Any “report” in this documentary is pure pathetic fiction, not even clever enough for a Suits rerun.

“To show a clip from my video in this segment is clearly meant to pinpoint me as one of these 83 clandestine operators when the reality is much more mundane: Meghan and Harry are simply very unlikeable, and no one needs to be part of a conspiracy to see that,” she added.

The YouTuber star added: “They just suck, and everyone can tell. Meghan can play the race card all she wants – plenty of black people are over her schtick too. Her idea of solving racism is hogging all of it for herself. Some people have actual hardships.”

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