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Prince William and Harry’s battle to be king not new

After dropping all his bombs on the royal family with an aim to damage their reputations, Prince Harry still feels to reconcile with his father and brother, King Charles and Prince William.

A source, close to the royal family, has revealed that Prince Harry would eventually seek pardon from their royal relatives even after firing all his missiles.

Ex-Royal butler Paul Burrell has shared his thoughts about Harry and William’s decades-old feud, saying the two used to fight over very pity issues.

Paul Burrell, according to The Mirro, recalled that the Duke would say: “How come he gets three?” when his brother was served more bangers than him at the dinner table. The nanny then would allegedly reply: “William needs filling up more than you. He’s going to be king one day.”

According to Diana’s former butler, these types of remarks sparked early tensions between Harry and William. Burrell believes that much of Harry’s recent behaviour stemmed from growing up in an environment where he constantly had to play second fiddle to William. 

The butler also recalled an incident when William had an outburst and said he didn’t want to be King. “Harry piped up to say he would do it instead. Diana laughed and said, ‘That’d be funny. You’d be Good King Harry’,” Burrell said.

While he sympathised with Harry, given his difficult experiences as a child, Burrell believed that he went too far in his criticisms of his family, saying he didn’t recognize him anymore.

“He’s clearly hurt and angry at being ‘the spare’ and so he’s lashing out from that place,” he said.

After Burrell’s revelations, royal fans have started saying that Prince Harry and William’s war for the throne is not new as they have been allegedly fighting to lead over each other since their childhood.

However, some still cling to the fact that Harry would return to their family in the end of their royal drama. 

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