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Homenri news“Proceeded to touch my groin”: Former aide accuses George Santos of sexual...

“Proceeded to touch my groin”: Former aide accuses George Santos of sexual harassment

Scandal-plagued Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., got hit with yet another allegation of misconduct when a former aide accused him of sexual harassment.

CNN’s Manu Raju reports on Twitter that Santos on Monday denied the latest allegations in an interview with fellow CNN reporter Kit Maher.

“It’s comical,” Santos said of the allegations. “Of course, I deny that claim.”

Late on Friday afternoon, former Santos aide Derek Myers published allegations regarding the brief time he worked in Santos’ office.

According to Myers, Santos asked him if he had a profile on dating app Grindr just two days after he started working in the office.

Then, when the two were alone in Santos’ office, the New York congressman allegedly “proceeded to take his hand and move it down my leg into my inner-thigh and proceeded to touch my groin” and asked him if he wanted to stop by his place of residence later.

Myers said he denied Santos’ advances and tried to get him to focus on answering constituents’ concerns. Five days later, his job offer at the office was rescinded.

Santos’ denial of the allegations is sure to draw skepticism given that multiple reports have shown that he fabricated every major aspect of his life, including his academic history, his work history, and his family heritage.

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