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Shakira reacts as her song ‘Out of your League’ mocking Gerard Pique breaks records

Shakira reacts as her song ‘Out of your League’ mocking Gerard Pique breaks records 

Shakira said she wrote her record-breaking new song Out of your League about women “who stand up for themselves.”

The Waka Waka singer took to Instagram to talk about the track which was a collaboration with the Argentinian producer and DJ Bizarrap.

In her song Out of Your League, Shakira ridiculed her ex-partner Gerard Pique and his new flame Clara Chia Marti, singing, “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio.”

Within 24 hours of the song’s release, the video of the track has been played 63 million times on YouTube, making it the most watched Latin song in the platform’s history.

It also became the most streamed song on Spotify after it got 14.4 million views on the audio streaming service in just 24 hours.

“What for me was a catharsis and a discharge, I never thought I would get straight to number one in the world at 45 years old and in Spanish,” Shakira wrote on Instagram.

“I want to embrace the millions of women who rise up to the ones who make us feel insignificant,” she added.

“Women who stand up for what they feel and think, and raise their hand when they disagree, while others raise eyebrows,” she continued. “They are my inspiration.”

“And this achievement is not mine but everyone else’s,” penned Shakira. “We gotta get up 70 times 7.”

“Not as society tells us, but in the way that happens to us, which serves us to get ahead for our children, our parents and for those who need us and hope in us.”

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