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What is it? Will the US ban it?

Stealthing: What is it? Will the US ban it?

  • “Stealthing” is a dangerous trend with major impacts on victims.
  • Some countries have moved to make the act illegal, but in the U.S., only California prohibits it.
  • Experts explain the impact better understanding and protections would mean for survivors.

You agreed to have sex with a condom then later find out your partner removed it without your knowledge or consent. You’ve been stealthed, an act that is increasingly gaining attention as more countries move to make it illegal.

Earlier this summer, Canada’s top court ruled the act can now be prosecuted as sexual assault. Stealthing became illegal in parts of Australia starting in 2021. Since 2020, it has also been punishable as a form of sexual violence in Germany and the U.K. 

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