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Yakima water plan: More costly than beneficial

Re: “Yakima Basin plan could be a model for Colorado River” [Sept. 5, A1]:

It was very disappointing to read a front-page reprint of such a one-sided New York Times article on the multibillion dollar “Yakima Plan.”

There is no mention that an analysis of this “plan” by the state of Washington Water Research Center, required by the Washington state Legislature, found that all the proposed projects for Yakima irrigation districts cost more than the benefits. There is no mention that the “plan” is seeking to withdraw an additional 200,000 acre feet of water from Lake Kachess for irrigation, threatening recreation and the lake’s bull-trout population. There is no mention that “plan” supporters lobbied Congress to pass a bill in 2019 authorizing a pipeline to send water from Lake Keechelus to Lake Kachess only to later see this project abandoned. There is no mention that Yakima irrigation districts have not met water conservation targets set by Congress in 1994.

It is time for a real look at the Yakima “plan.”

John Reeves, Fall City, president, Save Lake Kachess

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